How are the Youth being Protected in Sports Today?..


As sports progress their rules are amended with the safety of the participant set as priority.

How are the youth being protected is sports today?  All parents want to know that our child’s safety is being looked after properly?

Here is a link to ISYS (Institute for the Study of Youth Sports)  The mission of the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports is to provide leadership, scholarship and outreach that “transforms” the face of youth sports in ways that maximize the beneficial physical, psychological, and social effects of participation for children and youth while minimizing detrimental effects.



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Skydive from Hot Air Balloons?.. how about bungee!..

Often wondered about this, if people do base jumping then why not from Hot Air Balloons!


Almost seems too easy to jump out then land the balloon and go up again and again!

There are many hot air balloon festivals around the country that are tons of fun.   I remember the first one I saw was in Durango Colorado in winter called SnowDown.

If you ever get the chance to check it out do it , promise that you will not regret.

They do a night time parade the night before with the whole town celebrating while the lighted floats and fire trucks go by blowing there horns and balloon burners are flaming down the historic district.

So much fun even though cold, those burners seem to warm you up along with a couple pulls on the flask.

There are lots of really good vacation packs for this festival.


HotAir Balloons

Balloon Train

The Durango Train may have a special theme ride and extended stop for the mass ascension.


It just sounds like so much fun to go up in the balloon so peaceful and relaxing, then swing out with a glide suit and chute or bungee jump off the basket, Wow!…  

Have you thought about this too?…


Why Do People Do Extreme Sports? – pushing boundaries

Why do people do extreme sports?   The simplest answer is because they want to push their limits!

Sports have come a long way in the last 100 years.   We live in a very active environment.   All around the world, people are getting more and more into fitness.   People are concerned about more aspects of their health with everything from diet to exercise.

Some people have taken some sports and hobbies to the extreme level and continue to push boundaries!


Curious to know what is considered an extreme sport and how many different extreme sports there are in the world?…

What has influenced you to get into extreme sports?…